Nissan is HOT
Lloyd Lee

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G35, The Hot One from Infiniti.
Will G35 do to the Euro coupes what the 1970 Z did to their sports car?

Nissan G35 Sports Coupe 2003, Full Side

What is the right balance between comfort and performance? Where does styling end and function start? What are the boundaries of economy and luxury, and do they ever meet?

Nissan G35 Sports Coupe 2003, Front

These are the serious questions that the
Infiniti division of Nissan asked, and
answered, with the Infiniti G35 Coupe.
This is a serious car that is destined to
bring major driving fun to those smart
enough to buy it.

Nissan G35, Interior, Sedan Rear Seating

If you have a family or need the extra
legroom and comfort that two extra doors
afford, the G35 sedan comes just so
albeit with a twenty less ponies in its corral.

Nissan G35 Sports Coupe 2003, Front Interior

The basic fact is that Infiniti has
gone after BMW, Mercedes, Lexus
and Audi and has succeeded in raising
the bar for smoothness, style and power
while lowering the price point for a
true luxo-coupe to unheard of levels.
If this car doesn’t bring traffic to show
room floors at Infiniti dealers, nothing will.

Nissan G35 Sedan 2003, Front

Nissan has been building great V-6 engines for over a decade, but the 280 horse 3.5 liter version in the G35 is the best of the bunch. In power and sophistication it puts to shame the current six cylinder competition from Audi and BMW. You have to go all the way to the 5 liter V-8 in the Mercedes CLK 500 ($54,000+) or the Lexus 430 V-8 ($58,000+) for similar quiet, flexible power. In the G35, the engine is mated with either a 5-speed automatic or a well conceived 6-speed manual that runs through an independent rear suspension. This setup puts the power on the road without drama and delivers you to 60 miles per hour in about six seconds. The standard suspension provides both agility and isolation. If you need to be able to feel the tar strips, a sport tuned suspension is available.

The rest of the G35 is equally impressive. Unlike Nissan’s flashy Altima models, there are no cheap looking interior bits. The seats, especially with the optional leather, are inviting. The G35 is significantly larger inside and out than the Audi TT, but only 200 pounds heavier. This is a true four person car, although you would not want to subject your friends to more than an hour or so in the back. Along with this impressive interior, the exterior has that hard to achieve “carved from a single block of steel” look that Mercedes perfected.

Nissan G35 Sports Coupe 2003, Front Nissan G35SSedan 2003, Rear/Side

Movable instruments (for better driver vision) and a six CD 180 watt stereo are standard. The base price is $29,645. With the optional leather and a 225 watt Bose sound system, the sticker is about $32,000. In my opinion, this is a major bargain, because the G35 manages to provide the outstanding handling of the expensive German machines, with more power, at a price that is thousands less. Enjoy your test drive.

Nissan G35 Sports Coupe 2003, Closeup Nissan G35 Sports Coupe 2003, Front/SideWill G35 do to the Euro coupes what the 1970 Z did to their sports car?
You'll answer this question when you compare the G35 coupe with a Benz, BMW or Jag costing fifty percent more.

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